Gwara Gwara

A Floundering False Dawn

In a nation torn between immobility and restless energy, Gwara Gwara embodies a demoralised land of disorder and decay.

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An Enclave Bourgeois Nation

Epitomising a loose-limbed, jumpy nation with a frenetic edge, iSbhujwa is a South Africa torn by deepening social divides, daily protests and cynical self-interest.

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Nayi le Walk

A Nation in Step with Itself

In a precise sequence of steps, Nayi le Walk choreographs a vision of South Africa where growing social cohesion, economic expansion and a renewed sense of constitutionalism get South Africa going.

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Indlulamithi South Africa Scenarios 2030 provides tools – in the form of scenarios – to help South Africans imagine alternative 2030 futures.

These storylines focus leaders from different sectors and people from all walks of life on a key question: what would a socially cohesive South Africa look like?

Why scenarios?

South Africa is not new to scenarios. Similar initiatives, including the 1992 Mont Fleur scenarios, supported the country in its transition to democracy. Scenarios stimulate creative and long-term thinking to:

  • Improve national, regional and local planning capacity
  • Enrich public policy decision-making
  • Inform long-term investment decisions
  • Inspire all South Africans to think about the actions we should take as a country to secure a better future

Indlulamithi Day

Hosted on or near 21 June every year, Indlulamithi Day unpacks the latest barometer readings and economic modelling to determine the direction South Africa is moving in relation to the scenarios.

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Barometer 2021

59% of the indicators tracked in the July 2021 Barometer are pointing to the Gwara Gwara scenario – a demoralised land of decay. Discover how the Indlulamithi Barometer – updated annually – measures how the different scenarios are materialising nationally.


Scenario Development

The scenario development and research pillar of Indlulamithi is undertaken by our partner MISTRA.

Monitoring, Tracking, Modelling and Evaluation

The monitoring, tracking, modelling and tracking pillar of Indlulamithi is undertaken by Social Surveys Africa and ADRS through the Indlulamithi Barometer and Economic Modelling, respectively.

Social Dialogue and Social Compacting

Indlulamithi has recognised the role it can play in creating and facilitating dialogues that will help to shape policies that will assist South Africa in achieving the most desirable scenario. In this regard Indlulamithi has formed a strategic partnership with GIBS to undertake the social compacting and dialogue pillar.