The giraffe with an extraordinary talent for social analysis had no sooner identified three possible futures for South Africa on the distant horizon than the consultations began.

In a hectic fortnight before the public launch, the Indlulamithi Steering Committee shared the draft scenarios with a range of organisations and prominent individuals, including:

  •  Representatives of all major political parties.
  •  The President and members of his office.
  •  Several non-profit and business organisations.
  •  The Chief Justice.
  •  The Speaker of Parliament.

In addition, on 16 June members of the project’s Core Participant Group were invited to a special preview – run by young members of the team – which gave them a final opportunity to influence the content of the scenarios before the public unveiling.

The Steering Committee will continue a robust process of engagement and embark on a national roadshow in the weeks ahead.

The real purpose of the scenarios will be realised as we use them to engage a large number of influential people on the future of our country, and particularly on the issue of social cohesion. The question is more critical than ever: on a daily basis, we see disillusioned and disempowered communities taking to the streets, setting up burning barricades and randomly venting their anger.

Members of the Indlulamithi project will be conducting workshops and facilitating discussions across the country. If you know of a group that you feel would benefit from a session on the scenarios please get in touch.


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