Have you succumbed to the Braai Day version of Heritage Day? Or have you managed to keep the cultural and historical meaning top of mind? At Indlulamithi we have been struck how this national holiday intersects with our work.

In particular, we have developed a multi-faceted understanding of social inequality in which the elevation of one culture above all others – and English over all other languages – is a major factor in perpetuating inequality.

We have also had moving discussions on inter-generational woundedness which have highlighted the need for an honest re-examination of our painful history – without lies and evasions – as a precondition for healing and reconciliation.

If you missed the boat this Heritage Day, there are 360-odd days to make up for this before the next one!

Indlulamithi engagements are unfolding steadily in Gauteng. In September we were hosted by Deloitte, the Kumba executive committee, senior managers at ESKOM and the City of Johannesburg Community Development Department.

This week Indlulamithi is in Cape Town where we have a series of meetings between 25 and 27 September. Some of these are sessions with particular stakeholders – for example, the Western Cape Government and the ANC Provincial Executive Committee – while there will also be a multi-stakeholder workshop.