For several years, major players in the South African mining sector and leaders of faith communities have engaged in a Day of Courageous Conversation on the mining industry. The event has its roots in similar global interfaces organised by the Vatican and the Archbishop of Canterbury. This year, the Indlulamithi scenarios played a major role in focusing the Courageous Conversation among managers of mining companies, trade unionists in the mining sector, members of the Minerals Council, and representatives of various faith communities.

In a departure from the standard Indlulamithi workshop, facilitator Barend Petersen – Chairman of De Beers, a leading figure in the Apostolic Faith Mission and a member of the Indlulamithi SteerCo – asked participants to consider what it would take to achieve the Nayi le Walk scenario. This proved to be an excellent entry point for interaction on issues of such as inequality and ethical leadership.

The inter-faith Day of Courageous Conversation was one of 36 workshops, meetings or briefings that have focused on the Indlulamithi scenarios since the beginning of June. These have been reasonably evenly spread across the private and public sectors and civil society (which includes political parties, academic institutions and labour organisations) and most have afforded the opportunity for in-depth engagement.

As October gives way to November, the Indlulamithi road show will be in KwaZulu-Natal facilitating dedicated workshops for the National Business Initiative and the provincial government.