In the last two months Indlulamithi has visited KwaZulu-Natal and the Northern Cape and returned to the Western Cape for a briefing in Parliament.

The parliamentary engagement was with Chief Whips of various political parties in the National Assembly and National Council of Provinces. The special value of using scenarios in this setting lay in their power to free politicians from their party positions when discussing the state of the country. Chief Whips who participated said it was refreshing to think hypothetically, broadly and long-term, rather than framing issues in terms of specific policies, legislation and defined portfolios.

Northern Cape Premier Sylvia Lucas opened the Indlulamithi workshop in Kimberley. Participants comprised MECs and heads of a range of departments in the Northern Cape Government. Once again, the presentation was well received, discussion was stimulating and there are plans for a follow-up session with a wider group of public sector managers in the province.

The National Business Initiative (NBI) was our host in KwaZulu-Natal where we slotted into its series of Thought Leadership Dialogues. The NBI has a Transformation and Social Cohesion Programme and its members at the dialogue found the wide-ranging canvas of Indlulamithi complemented the more focused approach they have adopted. We loved their enthusiasm!