Plans are shaping up for Phase 3 of the Indlulamithi project, which will involve the tracking of social, political and economic developments against the trajectories charted in our three scenarios. This monitoring process will follow the real-life course of specific variables and help determine which scenario the country is tending towards, says Dr Beth Vale of Indlulamithi’s Research Team.

The team is discussing possible refinements to the monitoring system that would give the Indlulamithi scenarios added utility as a planning tool for a wide range of stakeholders. “We haven’t given Phase 3 a formal title but it may be useful to think of it as a monitoring and mobilising phase,” says Dr Vale.

The Indlulamithi research team will be expanded to include research organisations with different specialist skills, she says.

The early months of 2019 will also be occupied with unfinished business from Phases 1 and 2.

Work is continuing on writing the comprehensive report on the Indlulamithi project, setting out the research methodology and results in full, as well as documenting the process of deliberation through critical workshops and the roadshow.

The road show to communicate and explore the scenarios to significant stakeholders has unfolded at a slower pace than initially anticipated. Perhaps this is unsurprising in a political climate where public discourse has experienced a powerful resurgence and we all have to fight for space on the events calendar.

We are hoping our team of facilitators will hit their second wind after the festive holidays and complete the schedule of outreach we intended. Some important events to note in the first quarter of 2019 are:

  • The Indlulamithi-GIBS Leadership Dialogues which are due to commence in late January with a session designed for the private sector. The public sector dialogue is scheduled for February and the civil society event for March. The intention is to conclude with a plenary dialogue in quarter two.
  • A Leadership Group meeting to discuss project developments since the Indlulamithi launch in June and consider the plan for Phase 3.